The motto at Bushwick's newest (not so) dive-y bar is, "If you're lucky enough to be here, you're lucky enough." And with $4-$7 beer, $10-$12 cocktails, and $3-$4 Happy Hour specials, that's a laid back vibe we can get behind! This vast space is equipped with three tables, six huge booths (including one extra-large "birthday booth" designed to seat 10), and a 56ft bar. It boasts a 1950's aesthetic, complete with cruise liner accents and art deco lighting.

The owner, Seth Piracci, carries a PMA (positive mental attitude) both in his personal life and approach to the business operations of the bar. Conveniently situations off Myrtle-Wyckoff, The STARLINER is primed to be the neighborhood's go-to after work / birthday celebration / Summer dance party spot.


After 11 years in the industry and 14 years in NYC, what was the impetus for opening a bar now?  

After working at a bar in Denver, 6 years in the LES, and 4 years in Brooklyn, I realized that with all my experience and knowledge of bars, I could open and run a bar on my own. I realized it was time to pull my head out of my ass, and that the "party" - so to speak - was "over". I pulled together money, worked even harder, and I really put it out there that I wanted to open a bar. Luckily, in the past I had worked for two amazing people (Mike Ireland and Betsy Maher) that recommended me for this project, so I jumped in head first.


Why Bushwick?

I lived in this neighborhood 14 years ago, and back then I would have thought that opening a big, beautiful bar over here was crazy. But fast-forward to now, and the timing was perfect. Having a bar under the train on Myrtle is great, and we think this part of Bushwick will grow at an appropriate pace.


What do you serve at The STARLINER?

Here at The STARLINER we have 2 dedicated tap lines for a rotating punch (horchata rum) and a delish cocktail. 10 beers on tap (all amazing, and soon to be mostly Colorado beers). We do incredible spritzers (rosé and white w/ Aperol). All the classics including the ever-refreshing Coors, and a shot for $4 during Happy Hour, 3-9pm every day. $4 well and $4 wine. People also drink a lot of beers and shots. We like to keep it really simple but also fun, cold, tasty, and interesting.


Tell me about the interior design of the space! 

The look is this: If Lando Calrissian opened a bar on Fholston Paradise. It's a comfortable, well thought-out bar. You can come alone or with 50 people and it still feels cozy.


What kind of experience can guests expect here? 

I hope people come to The STARLINER and think, "It would be a nice place to hang after work and have a drink or two," or "I want to have my birthday here, and get really drunk and dance with friends."


What kind of patrons do you attract?

I will cater to anybody that is nice and wants to come have a good time. PMA (positive mental attitude) is the general rule at The STARLINER.

Have you been hosting events? What will you be doing here as the weather warms up?

As far as events go here at The STARLINER, we like to have fun and we are more than willing to host good people who feel the same. Monthly dance parties, staff parties, weddings, and lots of birthdays. You can email me at to reserve a booth.


What do you like best about the Brooklyn creative community?

I have to say that I really love Bushwick. I have a lot of great friends doing really cool things here. Creativity, tasting, inspiring, and bizarre things.

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