Wynn Washington and Madison Deleone, the female forces behind Sereia Swim are proof that a supportive community is truly  your strongest asset. From acquaintances to business partners, these two have collaborated on various creative projects at an increasing rate over the past decade. And now they are combining their distinct sophisticated and boho chic styles to launch a new line of women's' swimwear. Bringing their designs from the sketch-pads to the sewing studio to seaside settings around the world, Sereia swimsuits are being produced in a completely organic fashion. These minimalist designs offer a neutral range of color options and are built for function. The line will be available for purchase in summer 2016!


How did you two come together to start Sereia Swim?

Madison: Wynn and I have known each other since high school. We grew up hanging out with mutual friends, and always had great encounters when we would cross paths. We kept in touch via social media and collaborated on a few projects. I also happen to be a certified Personal Trainer and Wynn reached out asking to feature me on her blog - Gimlet to Green - a site about health and wellness. I was flattered!

Wynn: She was a breathe of fresh air to work with! A few months later, I reached out to Madison again - this time wondering if she knew anything about bikini production - which has been a long time dream of mine. Coincidentally, she had been working for several months toward the same dream. We decided to meet and align our visions. This little dream we shared has grown into a full line of suits. Our launch is slated for summer 2016!


What sets Sereia apart from other swimwear lines?

Madison: Our entire concept. We both bring such different skills to the table. Wynn is more high fashion, edgy, and stylish. I'm a beach bum and love to surf. She gives me an edge and I give her a softness. 

Wynn: We definitely balance each other out, and I think that is reflected in our suits. The line is solely neutral in color (white, black, peach, mocha, and pastel blue) and minimalistic in design with no clasps, ties, zippers, or buttons. They stay on when Maddie surfs but also have a sophisticated, stylish appeal.


What does Sereia mean?

Madison: Sereia means "mermaid" in Portuguese. It's pronounced "suh-ray-uh." I studied the language for four years and fell in love with its sound, and the pronunciation. We played around with a few other names but this one just stuck. We want the women who wear our suits to feel like mermaids. Beautiful beach goddesses.


Who is your target demographic?

Wynn: We are marketing to women ages 18 - ? That end number is tough - there are some mega-babes out there in their 40's, 50's, and 60's that look damn good (and feel super confident) in a bikini! We cater to those adventurous women who celebrate their curves and want to show off their beautiful beach bodies whether they're surfing, lounging by the pool, or transitioning from the beach to the bar!


Tell me about the process and production.

Wynn: We have had such a fun time with this part. Our "process and production" time is something I look forward to each week. 

Madison: We meet each week to cook dinner, drink wine, and draw. Then I take those sketches and turn them in to samples. I have a small sewing studio in my house. Wynn is the organized one - she communicates with our manufacturers and takes care of the importing and legal stuff. I make the technical drawings and information packets. Our suits will be made in a small facility in the U.S. 

Wynn: We both contribute to our social media accounts with our own photos and found images from other brands. It's truly those inspirational photos that spark so many flames, and get our creative juices flowing! We are full of incredible ideas. 


What materials are the suits made from?

Madison: We use a micro mesh liner for the inside of our suits and a nylon spandex blend for the suit itself.

Do you plan to expand to other apparel or accessories?

Wynn: We have talked about making kimonos and other beach accessories, but for now we are just pouring all of our energy into creating the suits. We want to give it everything we've got and then we'll discuss future growth.


You mention the word "wanderlust" when marketing Sereia. How does this term fit into the context of your brand?

Wynn: We create our suits for the women who want to touch every shore of the world. Those women who willingly hop on any plane to soak up every experience they can. We both love to travel and indulge in the pleasure of life at the beach. We want our suits to make the women who wear them feel alive, excited, and inspired to live in the moment.

What is your favorite thing about the Newport creative community?

Madison: My favorite thing about Newport is the melting pot of people who end up here. It's a cool place with a palpable sense of culture. The creative group of people i've met here are all so unique and inspiring. For this shoot we worked with a few local, uber creative women (Marial Maher of Visual Manor, Colby Raposa - who did some videography and second shooting, and Kelsey Morgan of Hair and Pillow Talk). It's just such an empowering feeling to have all these other creative people (who know who you are, because it's a small town) reach out with open arms and want to help lift each other up.

Wynn: She hit the nail on the head! it's like a big, strange, and amazing family. It's hard to understand until you live there - but we absolutely love it.

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