Maryanne Moodie is blessed with a stunning studio, a lovely personality, and a gift for creating colorful wall hanging woven tapestries. Beyond her eccentric designs, the Australian native turned Brooklyn resident also offers weaving kits for beginners and teaches sold-out workshops across the world. She attributes her stunning tapestries and quirky creations to the meditative feeling it invokes while she works, which allows her to remain perfectly present in the process. It's no surprise that Maryanne and her vidid pieces have developed an exceptionally devoted following.


How did your career as a weaver begin?

I was a teacher for 10 years. Eventually I was in the art storeroom and found a loom, so I took it home to try it out. I taught myself from vintage books, and through trial and trial - lots of error! 


So what made you go full-time as an artist? And how long has this evolution taken?

I'm a mama and I was on maternity leave, so I had a bit of a buffer. When we moved to NYC, I had some time to develop my skills while my babe crawled around under my feet. My skills began to develop very organically. As my child grew, so did my business and practice. I took on more employees and expanded the business to include workshops and beginners kits. 


What is your artistic process like?

I can carry a notebook wherever I go. When I feel something deeply, I try to capture some aspect on paper. Longing, desire, happiness, contentment, jealousy, anger. They are all fodder for future weaves. Weaving is really a therapy for me. It allows me to explore emotions that I otherwise don't give myself time to fully appreciate and explore. I like to return to the same moment or emotion a number of times to delve deeper, weaving the same emotion from different angles. 


What inspires you to make these beautiful creations? And what inspires you in every day life?

I feel real meditation while I weave. A stillness and a presence that often gets lost when we are often staring at our phones and screens. It's addictive! It reminds me that I am human and living in this moment. 


Where do you find your clients? 

People who have seen my work online are my biggest clients. They contact me directly and we work out what their piece will be together, marrying their vision with my artistic integrity.


Do you enjoy the business aspect that comes along with marketing your work?

I love what I do. It has evolved so slowly that I have been able to make small movements in the direction that felt right at the time. I have brought on people who are invested in the vision, and we work together to make sure everyone is feeling happy and secure at each point of change. We really feel like a family. 

Tell me more about the workshops you host!

I love teaching. Weaving is my passion and I love sharing my passion with others. All sorts of people come - curious office workers needing a break, retirees looking for a new hobby, alternative art students who want to expand their skills, and textile artists. We laugh a lot and learn a lot. I try to foster a sense of community so that people will stay in contact with each other afterwards, and continue their journey together.


Your studio is so beautiful. Its minimal in design but also super poppy and colorful. Did you have a particular vision in mind when creating your work environment?

I wanted to create a place where my artistic creativity would bloom, while also allowing for administrative efficiency. It has to be quite flexible to host classes, as well. We went for open shelving, treadle tables, white walls, huge windows, mid century details, and lots of plants. The weaves I create are the biggest decoration and they are on constant rotation, as they are woven and sent off to their new homes.


What do you like best about the Brooklyn creative community?

It feels like anything and everything is possible!

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