Little Pheasant is a catering and events company based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, run by husband and wife team, Vincent Fraissange and Cat Alexander. Whatever your food-making, drink-serving, or occasion-hosting need, these two have it covered. They cater weddings, private affairs, and corporate + on-set meals. They even hold chef's table dinners once a month, as well as a range of cooking master classes throughout each season. 

Vince, an amazing chef, moved to Brooklyn after meeting his wife, Cat, and making a series of connections in the hospitality industry. 
During his time here, he has built solid relationships with farms in NJ, PA, and in the Hudson Valley. The sustainably farmed livestock and produce they provide have allowed him to continue to cook with integrity and passion. Vince’s menus are seasonal and focused on sustainability, purity of flavor and well-executed technique.  His cooking is honest and joyful – both qualities come through in his dishes - and he is constantly spurred on by his love for food and true zeal for what he does.

Cat, the backbone of Little Pheasant's operations, was once a producer for television and movies, where she perfected her talent for art direction and prop styling. Aside from her professional work, Cat has always been slightly more than obsessed with food - constantly trying new restaurants and staying abreast of trends. So it's no surprise, really, that her soulmate turned out to be a chef. Cat now runs the business and design side of Little Pheasant (making sure to stay out of Vince's kitchen, of course).  


You both have diverse personal histories. What kind of work do you each love to do, and what brought about this new venture?

Vince serves as Executive Chef and has 20 years of experience cooking in kitchens around the world. He also comes from a family in the hospitality / events business. He was previously head chef and owner of Spotted Bear Bistro in Tofino, Canada, and, most recently, Executive Chef at Isa Restaurant in Brooklyn. Cat manages the business and design side of Little Pheasant. She was previously running operations and marketing for Stanmore Jewelry, and, before that, had a long history in producing film, TV, and photography.


How did you come up with the name Little Pheasant?

Vince started bird hunting with his father at a young age and wanted to incorporate upland birds in the name somehow. We landed on "pheasant" and "little" came in further down the road.


Little Pheasant is a one-stop-shop for all things catering and events, primarily because, combined, you offer such a wide range of services. Did you come together on this project pretty quickly, or was did one of you play a guiding role?

It happened pretty naturally; We'd been planning to work on something together since we met. It took a few years but the timing was finally right for us to get things going.


What are the best and worst things about working together with your spouse?

It can get a little tough now and then, but for the most part it's pretty breezy. We know each other's strengths and weaknesses, and, more importantly, we know how to stay out of the other's way. I keep out of the kitchen and he stays off the floor. 


Your serveware, silverware, furniture, aprons, etc. are adorable and compliment your brand so well. Where do you source the accessories you use when decorating a table or planning an event. 

Our tabletop accessories are pieces we've accumulated over several years. We've found the perfect plates or serveware on ebay, Crate & Barrel, estate sales - wherever you look there is always something you can use. We also have some of our display pieces made by an incredibly talented metalworker friend of ours.


What is your favorite thing to cook / eat? How do you prefer to dine, and what type of cuisine do you enjoy most nights home?

We usually eat Thai or Vietnamese influenced dishes at home. New American Farm or Table is generally what our clients ask for but Vince also loves the simple complexity of light and fresh Asian cooking.


How have you met your clientele thus far and what sort of new clients are you looking to approach?

Starting out, most of our clients came to us through friends, but, sure enough, we're gaining more and more by word-of-mouth. We love to work with people who appreciate that food is more than just sustenance - caring about design, aesthetic, and flavor is important, just as its important to care about where and how your food is sourced.


Do you love working in and around Brooklyn? How about expanding your business beyond the city limits?

We love Brooklyn and have lived in Greenpoint for over 6 years. It feels like home. Most of our clients are located in NYC but we do service events within 150 miles of NY. We have close friends who live in the Eastern Catskills and we spend a lot of our down time there, so, eventually we hope to expand to that area.


What is your favorite thing about being a part of the Brooklyn creative community?

As we mentioned before, one of our good friends is a metalworker, and we commission work from him all the time. We also have close friends who are florists, event planners, stylists, jewelers, clothiers, and musicians.  We always try to work with our friends because we know they're talented, so we can guarantee excellent results, and because we all support each other and grow together. Having a community like this is priceless because there is always someone there to listen and to help.

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