Focaccia bread, blueberry muffins, almond chocolate amaretti, chocolate chip cookies ... It all sounds so mouth watering that you'd never guess they are gluten-free! These are just a few of the delicious goods from Krumville Bake Shop. Owned and operated by Antonella Zangheri, this small-batch gluten-free bakery specializes in making scumptious Italian and Dutch-inspired treats that everyone can enjoy. 

Completely unidentifiable as gluten-free (apart from the health-conscious labeling), Antonella's creations are perfect for any palette. Participating in artisanal food-fairs, and selling through online outlets, she brings her products to market with quality, creativity, and care. And conveniently offering delivery Monday-Friday in NYC, as well as nationwide shipping options, Krumville Bake Shop delicacies are just an order away.


How did you decide to open your own baking company? Did your family inspire you to enter this line of business?

Krumville Bake Shop was born out of a love for food that I've developed since an early age in Italy. My life revolves around it - from shopping trips to local farm and fish markets in Rimini, to cooking fresh pastas, to adventures in making desert for the whole family. I never thought it would be possible to make this my mission, until I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease (an immune reaction to eating gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye) in 2009. My new found health inspired me to create delicious baked goods that others could enjoy, too!


What do you like to eat for your essential meals? I imagine you cook a lot at home...

Yes, I do and always did! There's nothing better than a home-cooked meal : )  I tend to eat a lot of vegetables, meats, and cheese. My meals are generally based on the ingredients available in my fridge and pantry.


How do you find your clientele? 

Good question! It's a niche market, but at the same time, the gluten-free customers could be anyone. They are really hard to
pin-point with standard marketing tactics! Somehow they find us, though - generally in stores, through our website, and at outdoor markets.


Without a storefront, is it difficult to market your product? Where do you sell your baked goods?

Yeah, it's hard. A lot of people always ask where the bakery is, since bakers traditionally have a storefront. However, we do have our own commercial kitchen in Williamsburg.

New York is a busy city, and in addition to our wholesale retail clients like Dean and Deluca, we're also involved with online farmers markets, such as Farmigo, Farm to People, and even Amazon Fresh.


You also host classes, right? What kind of people attend?

All kinds! The gluten-free newbies, the home baker who wants to learn more, moms who need to learn for their kids, and bloggers who just love to bake.

Have you started using specific tools (at home or in your professional life) that help prevent the consumption of gluten - like NIMAsensor

In the bakery we randomly use the EZ-GLUTEN test in addition to only using gluten-free ingredients, as well as flours that are manufactured in a gluten free facility.


Have you been gluten free for a long time? This seems like an increasingly common diagnosis.

More people, especially in our age-range, are leaning toward a gluten-free diet. As it becomes more popular, the number of those with Celiac and Gluten Sensitivity increases.


You've lived in Brooklyn for a while now. How has the creative community here effected you and your ability to launch something all your own?

Brooklyn is amazing, and this wave of makers is so inspiring. We need to make more things here in America! At "Pfizer" building, where Krumville Bake Shop has a community, we all know and help one another. Running a small business is not easy, and having neighbors who are in the same boat is nice!

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